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Swiftie Puzzle

DOWNLOAD : TTPD Edition Puzzle #1

DOWNLOAD : TTPD Edition Puzzle #1

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The Tortured Poets Department has been on repeat in our house since April 19, so we just HAD to create a puzzle for it! This crossword puzzle has 56 unique clues, and the answer to each one is a lyric that can be found in the first 16 songs of TTPD.

These are not your average crossword puzzles! We create all of our clues individually, with a modern voice and a moderately sarcastic style, treating each lyric with the poetic reverence it deserves. We hope Taylor would approve <3

There are certainly more puzzles to come, and TTPD is filled with brilliantly puzzling poetry for us to play with, but this one's for you, our Swiftie community. It's only $1, so we can reach as many of you as possible. Download yours & play along - and let us know what you think!!

Love, Rhi & Em ~ Unofficial Tortured Poets Department Interns

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