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Swiftie Puzzle

DOWNLOAD : Swiftie Puzzle Poster BOOK, with Tortured Poets (TTPD) Puzzle

DOWNLOAD : Swiftie Puzzle Poster BOOK, with Tortured Poets (TTPD) Puzzle

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It's our massive Taylor-inspired Swiftie Puzzle Poster, reinvented into something you can take with you...

The Swiftie Puzzle Poster Book!!

It's BIGGER than the Swiftie Puzzle Poster : 913 unique crossword-style clues in 16 different puzzle grids,

And SMALLER than the original, since you can take it anywhere!

DOWNLOAD Version is available NOW : 56 pages of swiftie fun, printable on letter-size paper.

Includes 16 new puzzles, based on the original Swiftie Puzzle Poster, but rearranged and re-imagined to fit in this format - plus hundreds of new clues (913 total!!)

And every answer is a Taylor lyric 

**TTPD UPDATE! Includes a bonus Tortured Poets Department crossword puzzle! That’s 56 more clues, all inspired by TTPD. Download yours today & put your Swiftie knowledge to the test

We hope you love it like we do,

Rhi & Em


*How hard are the puzzles? Some clues are easy, some are hard. The easier ones should help you figure out the tougher ones, and we included a new HINT section for you. For each clue, there's a hint directing you to the song(s) where that lyric appears.  If all else fails, check the ANSWER section.

*Are the clues the same as the Swiftie Puzzle Poster? Some of them are. In converting the poster into a portable format, many of the clues were removed, rearranged, &/or revised - then we added a bunch of brand new ones. About half the clues in the Swiftie Puzzle Poster Book are the same as in the poster, and about half of them are brand new.

*Will you have a hardcopy available, or just the download? Download for now…


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