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Swiftie Puzzle

*Original* Swiftie Puzzle Poster

*Original* Swiftie Puzzle Poster

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Oh my god, we’re insane, we made this puzzle about her… and it’s $10 off right now!!

Massive 34”x44” Puzzle Poster ~ 751 different Answers tangled together ~ each Answer is a song title, song lyric, or an Eras Tour chant

We’ve created 751 unique Clues to help you come up with each Answer ~ yes, we said 751, and yes, we definitely went a little overboard for our first puzzle, but we just couldn’t help ourselves 💜❤️‍🔥

solve each Clue ~ write the Answer in the Grid ~ we recommend pencil! ~ invite friends to help ~ bring snacks, suddenly it’s a Swiftie party!

Locally printed in durable, matte, large format. Perfect for making that satisfying pencil/paper sound, and it’s easily erasable.

Includes DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of color booklets of Clues & Answers, available immediately upon purchasing. Free standard US shipping. 

Lovingly created by a pair of mom & daughter Swifties (currently in our evermore & 1989 eras). It began as a joke, and it accidentally became a thing… We hope you love it.

All lyric and song credit to Dr. Taylor Alison Swift, of course.


Rhi & Em

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